Reframe America

Reframe America is a new training organization based on the work of George Lakoff, and dedicated to changing the public debate from conservative to progressive.

We will train people how to set the terms of the debate by framing their issues in terms of progressive values and important connector concepts that unify our issues around larger themes. We will teach people how to recognize and expose conservative framing and to stop unintentionally using it themselves.

Reframe America will focus on developing the curriculum for live group and online training, and providing resources including:

  • an online knowledge base where people can look up framing by topic,
  • regular framing updates on new and rising issues,
  • tools to help walk people through the framing process, and
  • coaches to help them apply progressive framing in their day to day work.

By partnering with dozens of existing organizations like Democracy for America and the Communications Network, we can bring this training to thousands of professional communicators and activists by Spring of 2016.

We need to reach a critical mass as soon as possible. That’s why we’re appealing to supporters to help us develop this program so we can distribute it quickly through our entire community.

George Lakoff is the leading global expert on framing and political language and author of many books including the best-selling Don’t Think of an Elephant.

George Lakoff Framing Messaging
George Lakoff Framing Messaging
George Lakoff Framing Messaging

2 thoughts on “Reframe America”

  1. Margaret Loehr said:

    Would be interesting in helping out any way I can. Taught for years, I’m a good speaker, decent writer, can stuff envelopes. Will send money if I can figure out how to write a check. :-) (Really wish there was a way to donate on line)

    • Margaret, thanks for getting in touch. I will be trying to organize some volunteer projects soon and I will definitely let you know. Meanwhile, you can donate online at . Also, there should be a red contribute button on the website on the right side by George’s picture. If it isn’t working for you, or failing to appear, please let me know so I can check on it. Thanks much, Antonia

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